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 Visit to Steemit NYC Headquarters – Are Steem Dollars Money from Heaven or a Ponzi Style Scam?

Dr Usman Chohan

“Another risk emerges from the manipulation of the system in ways that dismantle the cryptoanarchist principles of self-governance and community policing. Examples of this include vote-selling, bullying by wealthier members of the site, the monopolization of influence to set policy, overt control by wealthy users, and forced censorship”
I have been in Steemit for over a year now and ever since I invested in Steemit I have been concerned on a issues which no one else talk about it in Steemit for because they are blind or for fear that their accounts would be shut down.
Have you ever wondered why Steemit is so much over value as compare with other cryptocurrencies?
Steemit is just a social networking were you can post an article and hope that you will not get flag by the wealthiers that are manipulating the Steemit social network with their huge Steem Power.
These flaggers strike without any warnings they just attack you all at the same time as if they are in consultation with each other.
Let me explain, Steemit social blog works in the following Steemit has three currencies Steem, Steem Power, Steem dollar.
The person that has the largest amount of Steem power has the largest influence this means that the Wealthy in Steem gets all the money and the small accounts get dust its behave pyramid way.
This pyramid gives power for the wealthy to make money on their Downvotes to this is going to nose dive the Steem crypto even further and leading to more manipulations by the Wealthy at Steem.

Steemit Scam Disclosure Do you Trust Steemit? — Steemit

Because of so much manipulations as these by the wealthy at Steem those Wealthy people are in effect destroying the very intend of Steemit when it first came out in a few years ago.
Because of this I don’t see Steem as a way of investment, if you are thinking of retirement from work and investing your hard earned money on the Steemit platform, think again it's extremely risky because of the manipulation and flags from the very wealthy people in Steem.
I cannot caution everyone enough, the safest thing to do is do your own research from independent sources that are not tied in with Steemit.
Be very suspicious when investing in Steem because not everything that glitters in Steemit is true and especially if its written by the Walthy with huge amount of Steem power in their account.
Check this next video below Mr Jason Goodman serching for the official address of Steemit.
Jason Goodman " Steemit has a market capitalization over $400M but their NYC office is just a PO Box. Is this standard operating procedure for a decentralized tech company or a red flag indicating potential fraud? "

Steemit Spam  

Steemit is not decentralized, Steemit is manipulated by the wealthy people with massive amounts of Steem power which are making large amount of money while everyone else make dust. A case in point is this down vote control created by steemPress co founder named Martin Lees: