Cosmophobia Suicide Prevention 

So it was that on Thursday, 31 July 2014 10:09 I contacted Department of Internal Affairs

In New Zealand and send David letters to the, Department of Internal Affairs.

Also the same letters was send to the Victoria police to investigate this astronomer and if possible to check his computers as well.


This is another clear case of Cosmophobia when David Greg or Greig tried to forbid the public of seen the next video on informations relating to child abuse. David did not complain to youtube instead he reported this next video to the Melbourne police as a case of defamation, defamation to whom? 

Suicide is the act of deliberately killing oneself. Risk factors for suicide include mental disorder (such as depression, personality disorder, alcohol dependence, or schizophrenia), and some physical illnesses, such as neurological disorders, cancer, and HIV infection. There are effective strategies and interventions for the prevention of suicide.

Written by the World Health Organization

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