Cosmophobia Nuclear Weapons Incursions

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May 2, 2013

Media Contact: Janet Donovan
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Nuclear Weapons Facilities and Unexplained Incursions presented to Congressional Committee at the National Press Club

Washington, DC - The fourth day of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure has come to a close with extraordinary testimony taken by six former members of Congress regarding events and evidence pointing to the presence of highly intelligent life systems.

Top researchers, scientists, military officials, aviation professionals and other members of foreign and domestic government testified to Senator Mike Gravel, Congressmen Roscoe Bartlett, Merrill Cook and Congresswomen Lynn Woolsey, Carolyn Kilpartick, and Darlene Hooley. Testimony included the history of documented incidents which point to highly intelligent systems that may exist. Witnesses also testified on relevant topics including the Rockefeller Initiative, the RAF Bentwaters case, nuclear missile shut downs, governmental documents, and incidents which occurred in South America, England, Canada, China and Italy. Friday's testimony will include statements from pilots and the former FAA Director of Investigations, a discussion of technologies and closing remarks by former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer, political activist Stephen Bassett and first-hand Roswell witness Jesse Marcel, Jr.

Earlier in the week former Air Force personnel testified regarding what some call "England's Roswell." Sgts. John Burroughs and Jim Penniston were directly involved in the 1980 events near RAF Bentwaters in the UK when an incursion occurred over several nights at this nuclear installation by a craft of unknown origin. This case is considered one of the most important in the modern era. 

Perhaps the most powerful testimonies of the day came from retired United State Air Force personnel, Capts. Robert Salas, Bruce Fenstermacher, David Schindele and Sgt. David Scott who gave compelling first hand accounts of the shutting down of ballistic missiles by unknown craft hovering over nuclear launch sites in the United States. Several members of the Citizen Hearing Committee called for formal Congressional hearings into these incidents.

When asked what are the top two messages she wanted to get out to the people after hearing these testimonies, Congresswoman Kilpatrick commented, "this is an international phenomena and the US and other countries need to acknowledge that there is other life. The US can lead this world issue; we must find out if this phenomena will enhance the universe or cause the demise of the universe." She added, "The military witnesses spoke of incidences from 30, 40, 50 years ago and have remained silent during this time. They have come out of retirement with compelling information that would have us look further into this phenomena.

Senator Gravel commented that he began to understand the vast implications of this after hearing the testimonials of numerous military witnesses who provided evidence of incidents where hovering craft compromised nuclear missiles. If the missiles can be prevented from launching, imagine the implications to our defense funding.

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April 30, 2013

Contact: Patrick Frascogna, Esq.


Allege conspiracy to deny benefits for injuries sustained in the line of duty. By Patrick Frascogna

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 30, 2013 – Two career United States Air Force veterans announced their intention to file a federal lawsuit against the Veterans Administration in an effort to obtain medical benefits to remedy injuries sustained in the line of duty at a press conference at the National Press Club on Tuesday.

Retired Tech Sergeants John Burroughs and James Penniston claim the government is denying them proper treatment for injuries sustained in the line of duty as base security at the U.S. airbase at RAF Bentwaters in December of 1980. Penniston and Burroughs were the first on-scene responders to a potential base incursion by an object of unknown origin into one of the most sensitive United States Air Force installations at the height of the cold war. As such, the pair were momentarily on the front lines of the USAF defense establishment in Europe.

In the course of first response, Penniston and Burroughs were exposed to the effects of an as yet unexplained phenomenon in the Rendlesham Forest adjacent to the twin base facility of Bentwaters and Woodbridge. At the time of their encounter the twin bases were a key component of U.S. Air Force deterrent strength at the height of the Cold War and the area surrounding the base home to a variety of high-power radar and electromagnetic weaponry. Incidentally, the stress was so extreme on the personnel there that the base had one of the highest suicide rates of any in the Air Force.

To this day, there has been no public explanation of the events surrounding their exposure to the phenomenon. The incident in question has been denied by USAF representatives despite the release in 1983 of a memorandum by the then-Deputy Base Commander to the British M.O.D. confirming the incident.

The pair claim that formerly classified documents confirm that the Air Force was aware of dangers presented to the airmen, but failed to properly brief them for their mission.

Both Burroughs and Penniston have experienced medical issues in the years since their encounter at Rendlesham Forest. The VA has utterly denied benefits to the pair and further obfuscated any release of medical records on the incident without reason.

"We've been stonewalled", Burroughs said. "We've tried A, We've Tried B, we've tried C and none of the avenues have lead to proper support of our post-incident medical issues, nor to any viable explanation of why information useful to treatment of our condition is being withheld."

By filing a federal lawsuit the pair intends to force disclosure of the details known to their chain of command pertaining to the incident that would prove useful in treatment of their respective conditions.

"After almost two years of utterly futile attempts to obtain John Burroughs' and Jim Penniston's service medical records from the government, in addition to a failed attempt by former Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, it is becoming ever more apparent that someone, somewhere, does not want them released," said Pat Frascogna, counsel for Burroughs and Penniston. "Key records from the timeframe in question seem to be considered classified by the VA. Consequently, if we cannot obtain them, all of them, without redaction, then we will have no recourse but to file suit against the federal government, perhaps as soon as by year's end."

If the action moves forward, the chain of command and key witnesses to the potential incursion the pair responded to will be subpoenaed to testify as to the nature of the phenomenon Penniston and Burroughs were exposed to and knowledge of it withheld from them during training.

"We don't intend to be the last two casualties of the Cold War", Burroughs said, "left hung out to dry by our chain of command and obsolete notions of national security. There is no reason at this late date to deny us the information that may extend our lives, the bulk of which we spent in service to our country."


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