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Press Release.
December 1, 2011

Disclosure Petition II - Rockefeller Initiative is now active on the White House website

Washington, DC - On September 22, 2011 Paradigm Research Group (PRG) submitted a petition to the White House sponsored initiative "We the People." Thousands of petitions have been submitted to We the People and approximately 300 of those accumulated the minimum 150 signatures required to be published to the White House website.  A few dozen of the published petitions accumulated the 5000 (eventually raised to 25,000) signatures necessary for a formal response from the Obama Administration.

One of those receiving a formal response was the Disclosure Petition submitted by PRG.  This petition acquired 12,078 signatures, and the White House response on November 4, 2011 generated hundreds of print and television news pieces around the world in many languages.  The White House response can be viewed at!/response/searching-et-no-evidence-yet  and includes the following statements:

"The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public's eye."

"The fact is we have no credible evidence of extraterrestrial presence here on Earth."


These statements from the Office of Science and Technology Policy are false and indefensible.   To reinforce this assertion PRG today submitted "Disclosure Petition II - the Rockefeller Initiative" to We the People    It reads as follows:

"We petition the Obama Administration to demand a full congressional investigation of UFO/ET Disclosure efforts by the Clinton OSTP - the Rockefeller Initiative."

In response to the Disclosure Petition, the OSTP stated, "The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race."

If true, what was the OSTP investigating from March 1993 to October 1996 in concert with billionaire and Clinton friend, Laurance Rockefeller?

Those who knew of and have not spoken publicly of this initiative include: Bill Clinton, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, Obama transition co-chair John Podesta, Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta, Dr. John Gibbons, Albert Gore and Governor Bill Richardson.

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The direct link to this petition is:

More information is available at:

Should this petition acquire 25,000 signatures by December 31, 2011, a response from the Administration is expected by mid-January 2012.   When Disclosure Petition II has run its course, there will be a third and a fourth and so on.  Given that the evidence that the White House now asserts does not exist is both massive and readily available, considerable pressure will be brought to bear on the Administration's formal policy statement.

Contact:  Stephen Bassett
                Executive Director

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Press Release
November 8, 2011

White House Response to the Disclosure Petition

Washington, DC - Sixty-four years after flying disks became a worldwide phenomenon, a formal position on this phenomenon has been issued in print by the executive branch of the United States government for the first time.   On Friday, November 4 the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) responded to two petitions submitted to the We the People section of the White House website.  One of these, the Disclosure Petition, was submitted by Paradigm Research Group.   The White House response gave the administration's assessment of the assertion by a growing number of researchers and activists that flying disks and other related phenomena confirm an extraterrestrial, non-human intelligence engaging the human race.  See:!/response/searching-et-no-evidence-yet    and

OSTP researcher Phil Larson wrote, "The fact is we have no credible evidence of extraterrestrial presence here on Earth."  Unfortunately for the OSTP and the Obama administration, that assertion is false.  Furthermore, given that approximately 50% of the American people are now convinced of an extraterrestrial presence and more than 80% believe the government is not telling the truth about the phenomenon, it is an embarrassment.

There are only four possible explanations for this statement from the OSTP:

1)  It is a political lie.  Whatever the executive branch personnel may know about extraterrestrial evidence, the administration cannot acknowledge any such awareness in order to protect the President's political prospects in the next election.

2)  It is a national security lie.   The administration cannot acknowledge any such awareness of the evidence as a matter of national security.  Which is to say the people cannot handle such truths.

3)  It demonstrates the present executive branch of the United States government, including a substantial collection of military, science and intelligence advisors, is completely unaware of the massive evidence for an extraterrestrial presence that has been accumulated over six decades by an extraordinary citizen science/truth movement.   Which is to say the administration is both ignorant and incompetent.

4)  The statement is correct and the aforementioned accumulation of evidence is just a sixty year, worldwide misunderstanding.

There are no other possible explanations, and in due course administration officials will have to defend their formal statement on one of these bases.

Paradigm Research Group invites the political media to give the evidentiary matrix behind the extraterrestrial reality a modest examination and consider challenging the Obama administration's position on what is easily the most important issue in the world today.   Such an examination might include:

1)  Reviewing quotes by persons of high rank and station over many decades.  See:
2)  Reviewing a database of thousands of sightings by pilots in flight.   This database is managed by NARCAP.  See:

3)  Reviewing the following books:  UFOs and the National Security State - Vols. 1 and 2 (Dolan), UFOs and Nukes (Hastings), Witness to Roswell (Carey/Schmitt), UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record (Kean), Missing Times: News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up (Hansen), Above Top Secret (Good), Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens (Mack), Top Secret/Majic (Friedman).

4)  Reviewing the following documentaries:  Out of the Blue (Fox/Coleman)     UFOs: 50 Years of Denial (Fox)    The Day Before Disclosure (Toftenes)

5)  Reviewing the public statements of two astronaut legends:  Col. Gordon Cooper and Dr. Edgar Mitchell.   See:   and

6)  Reviewing the government witness testimonies amassed by the Disclosure Project.   See:

The above represent but a small fraction of the evidence the White House now formally claims is either not credible or does not exist, and there is one more area of enquiry the political media might engage - one with an ironic aspect.

From early 1993 to late 1996 billionaire Laurance Rockefeller engaged the Clinton administration through the Office of Science and Technology Policy to convince President Clinton to release all files regarding the UFO/ET issue and end the truth embargo.  Why is this relevant to the current administration?   Those persons who at the time were either directly involved with or knew about what has come to be called the "Rockefeller Initiative" include:  Bill Clinton (advisor to the President), Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State), John Podesta (Obama transition co-chair), Webster Hubbell, Leon Panetta (CIA Director/Secretary of Defense), Dr. John Gibbons - involved; Albert Gore, Bill Richardson (Governor of New Mexico) - knew.

None of these high level officials have ever spoken publicly about the Rockefeller Initiative or been asked a single question about the Initiative in public by the political media.  Perhaps it is time for that to change.   See:   and   and

PRG executive director Stephen Bassett will soon submit more extensive op-ed commentary on the OSTP position statement to the appropriate newspapers for consideration.

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Contact:   Stephen Bassett


4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814 t t 202-215-8344